Who We Are…..

Who are Smallblock Solutions….

Smallblock Solutions are located in Perth WA. We provide home design solutions for block areas from 160sq/metres upward and from just 6 metres wide. Our Design & Build solutions start at $250,000 for Two Storey Homes and less than $200,000 for Single Storey. Smallblock Solutions therefore offers an affordable alternative for your Narrow or Small Block project. We provide a ‘Design & Build’ solutions for almost any budget. We also cost and build your own plans too…During the Design and Construction phases of your project you will work closely  with Adrian Bere. Adrian will assess your block, provide a Design Solution and Specifications, include your own personal ‘wants and ideas’ and advise on any Local Planning requirements. Adrian can also help with ‘Colours Selection’ and ‘Interior Design’ ideas too. Finally, he will liaise with the Building Supervisor responsible for your project. We enjoy a close working relationship with our specialist small block builder, Central Avenue Homes (Centralavenuehomes.com.au) . This enables us to provide a very personalised service to our clients. The Owner of the building company is involved with all aspects of the planning and construction of your New Home. This difference sets us apart from mainstream project builders. Our clients really come to appreciate this when they choose SmallBlock Solutions.

Adrian Bere

CEO / Principal

When you talk to Adrian about your project you benefit from 30 years New Homes experience. This includes 20 years designing Homes for Narrow, Small and Difficult blocks. Adrian has the creative vision to turn your ideas and dreams into reality. With a commitment to client satisfaction and sound design and building experience, every client is treated as an individual. This level of service is much sought after and second to none. Adrian's work can be found all over Perth, so there's probably one near you......!

How it works / the process

Designing your small block home through discussion.


We Listen Understanding requirements

We achieve the best design solution by listening to your ideas and adding our own input. In that way we ensure you achieve the perfect design to suit your block.


Design Smallblock Solutions design or will cost your own Plans

Every client is different and every block is different. We can design a house to suit your requirements, your budget and meet the local planning requirements. Alternatively, If you have your own design, we can cost and use that too.


We Guide Exploring the possibilities

As each and every block is different, we guide you through the opportunities and possibilities inherent in every project. We always consider your own ideas at every stage of your New Home design and construction.


Larger Block Design Getting the best result

Our commitment to providing a range of design and build options also includes clients with LARGER BLOCKS. We currently have 2 projects with Lot sizes over 500 sq/metres in area and larger house designs to suit. We will also cost YOUR OWN PLANS....So whatever your New Home requirements are, we can provide a flexible, individually tailored solution for your project.

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