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How much will it cost to build a house on my block?

This is the most commonly asked question and the most difficult to answer. To be able to give as accurate as possible reply we require certain information about your block. Its address: Street number, Street name and Lot number if possible. It’s size: Width and Depth in metres and Total Area in square metres. From this we can view the block details at the relevant local council web site and determine the zoning and any other information about your block that may affect how and what you can build. We also need to know the type of house you want, Single Storey or Two Storey. Personal factors that will affect the build cost ie : what your Building Specification expectations are. The Specification used can vary the build cost considerably. SmallBlock Solutions has a standard Specification we can use as a starting point. By far the easiest way to answer this question is for you to call us and discuss this question in person, obligation free, on mobile 0412 002 993. We are available 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

How long will it take to build my house?

Depends on wether it is a Single Storey or Two Storey House. As a guide, SmallBlock Solutions clients benefit from one of the quickest build times in Perth. Two Storey construction times are usually stated as 14 months. This includes the Christmas period when the Building Industry closes for 3 weeks ! Single Storey houses take less…sometimes much less. HOWEVER, you should allow time for Planning Approvals and Building Licence applications prior to the Construction time. Where both are required, allow 6 months. Therefore a total project time, once the design work is completed, can be approximately 18 to 20 months. Less time if no Planning Approvals are required by the Local Authority.

I have seen houses on small blocks built to the boundaries, can I do this?

There are factors that determine this. Generally the Building Codes ( R-CODES) state a formula for building on boundaries and there are strict rules governing this, especially for Two Storey homes. The relevant Local Council usually has it’s own rules that must be respected too. In most, but not all cases, neighbour approvals may be required. If your block is one of a number of small blocks there may be ‘caveats’ put in place by the developers to allow boundary construction with automatic approvals. East perth and Subi-Centro are examples of where this was the case. If a neighbour has already built to a boundary then you may be able to do the same.Each block has it’s own considerations to be aware of. Our advice is essential when planning your home and we check with the Local Council Planning departments throughout the design process.

How can I tell if a block is going to be suitable for the house I want?

Our services provide for block appraisals. We can visit the block and get a general idea of what can be achieved and the approximate costs involved in preparing your block…. before you buy. If you want a more accurate appraisal we do charge a fee that will cover accurate Site Works costings and provide a written quotation. It is essential to fully assess a Small or Narrow Block before you purchase so you understand any limitations that may be present especially where the block is not flat and level.

We want to demolish our old house and subdivide. Can you help?

SmallBlock Solutions has many years experience in this area. It’s not difficult to undertake such a project but there are pitfalls and it does take time. There are many things that need to be done and from a cost point of view, traps for the unwary. The best thing to do is call us and arrange an obligation free appointment so we can discuss your project in more detail. Please use the Contact Page or phone Adrian direct on 0412 002 993

Can I afford to have my new home designed by you? I always thought it was more expensive this way?

Designing your New Home through SmallBlock Solutions involves no cost. Once we have a completed Design, a Specification and given you a Costing and you decide to go ahead with one of our nominated Small Block Builders, there is no cost for all of the design work. The Builder pays SmallBlock Solutions for this work and introducing you to them. If however we design a home for you and you decide NOT to build through SmallBlock Solutions and take the design elsewhere….. only then will there be a charge for our services. But this rarely happens when clients realise the level of service and support we provide.

My budget is low, Can I still talk to you?

YES YOU CAN. Our Clients come to us with budgets ranging from $150,000 to around $750,000 + We cater for  house designs from compact Single Storey homes to quite large Two Storey homes. We are very flexible and no project is too small for us so get in touch and let’s help you today……

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